Diana L Thompson, LMP


Available May, 2016!
Integrative Pain Management: Massage, Movement, and Mindfulness Based Approaches
Co-Editors Diana L Thompson and Marissa Brooks
2016, HandSpring Publishing 

This book provides an overview of pain mechanisms as currently understood, and details a variety of effective complementary approaches to pain management. Unique to this book is a pedagogy that includes sidebars on current and promising research and patient and practitioner interviews for each chapter.

The first part of the book discusses integrative health care, anatomy and pathology of pain and the ways in which pain is experienced by individual patients. This section describes present integrative care concepts, emphasizing multi-disciplinary approaches to addressing pain, and views of what causes pain to occur and persist.

In the second part, each chapter is authored by clinical experts who describe therapeutic approaches to addressing pain and implementing self-care management options. Each chapter includes a brief history, theoretical constructs, assessment techniques, treatment plans, self-care, assessment of progress and a case study. 

In the last chapter, the editors offer biomedical and complementary clinicians  pathways to integrative clinical care, including effective pain co-management and guidance on when and where to refer. All readers will benefit from this chapter as it guides clinicians on referring to complementary care and how to form, lead and participate on integrative care teams.


This is a referral guide for any clinician who has a pain patient, including biomedial/allopatic and complementary practitioners. The reader can use each chapter independently when considering a referral to the specific complementary approach, or as an educational tool to learn about the various massage, movement and mindfulness based approaches.

Hands Heal: 
Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists. 
4th edition, LWW

The new version contains:
• A chapter on research and writing case reports
• A new measurement tool: the Patient-Specific Functional and Pain Scale
• Easier-to-use insurance billing forms
• Updated HIPAA information, including how to apply for an NPI#

Somatic Research is Diana's bimonthly column in ABMP's Massage and Bodywork magazine. Her articles can be found on the magazine's archives database. Search for Diana's articles in the 2010 –2013 issues of M&B.

Diana is also a contributor to research, consulting on projects at the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, Wa. She is an author on the paper titled, Development of a taxonomy to describe massage treatment for musculoskeletal pain, published on BioMedCentral in 2006.