Diana L Thompson, LMP


Hands Heal Electronic Health Record is a fast and easy way to chart all your massage sessions, both wellness and treatment massage. 

Wellness charting takes less than a minute; SOAP charting is made easy with simple prompts. Clients login and provide pre and post session info, decreasing your charting time.

Simplify Your Record-keeping
Affordable, easily accessible and intuitive to use, this cloud-based technology adds value to your practice and replaces your existing paper files. Each client file has a documents folder that stores insurance info, old files, etc. Session notes are downloadable to a pdf file, or print and fax with your billing form. Summary reports are customizable.

Built-in Value
Illustrative visual aids built right into the software, track progress in a way that no other EHR system offers. We know massage can reduce pain, alleviate stress, and improve function. Now you can prove it with Hands Heal EHR. Simple stress, pain, and activity graphs illustrate progress, demonstrating the value of massage therapy to referring providers, insurance adjusters, as well as your clients. Clients are motivated to keep coming back and referring healthcare providers are confident in your skills.

Contribute to Research
EHRs are designed to collect data that can be used to show trends in use and benefits of treatments. Hands Heal EHR is the first massage charting system with measures that compile valuable data on stress, pain, and activity. Contribute your client data to research and be assured all HIPAA regulations are met with this secure system.

If you want a successful career, invest in the Hands Heal EHR and demonstrate your massage skills with every client session. 
We know massage can reduce pain, alleviate stress and improve function. You can prove it with the Hands Heal EHR. Show tangible results with traditional records as well as articulate graphing tools to keep clients coming back and encourage doctors to keep referring new clients. Create and update important client information and health records in under a minute.

Deliver measurable outcomes to demonstrate the value of your work with clients to easily track and better understand their health history
Simplify the intake process and allow both you and your clients to make hassle-free updates to personal information and health records as needed
Flexible billing gives you the freedom to choose payment options that best suit your practice
Facilitate more direct and care-based communication that keeps clients satisfied and coming back
Drive revenue with built-in sharing incentives that will increase organic referrals